Does Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

Is it possible to lose weight drinking coffee?   I see this question everywhere!  America is by far one of the fattest nations on the planet and the citizens are looking for answers to lose weight. As far as coffee is concerned, experts normally suggest ditching the joe.

Depending on where you look the answer you SHOULD be given is “it depends.” The experts (Harvard and recently the Swedish) agree it isn’t the coffee but what’s in the coffee and the type of caffeine.  Black coffee (decaf or regular) has 2 calories per serving (8 oz).  The issue is the “additions” coffee shops put in coffee and the type of caffeine!

This is the LAST thing you want to add if you are trying to lose weight.  A donut can add another 200-300 calories (and who can eat just one?), and a muffin can range from 450-700 calories depending on the size and type.  If you eat a donut, add another 200-300 calories to the “tab” and if it’s a muffin, oh man, add another 450-700 calories (depending on size and type) to the total!  So your simple “coffee” has ballooned into a potentially 1000+ calorie meal!  Being the master of math that I am, if  you add all this up, your “coffee” has now become a 1000 calorie meal!

Previously,  I mentioned that the caffeine is the real issue.  Here is how caffeine acts in our bodies (beware scientifc content coming!).  Caffeine stimulates a physiological response in our bodies known as the “fight or flight” response.  When this event is triggered our body releases a stress hormone known as cortisol.  Glucose (another form of energy) is then released into the blood stream.  Now either we use that energy to “fight or fly” or it simply sits in the blood stream.  And this is the entire issue — glucose sitting in the bloodstream with no where to go!

A man much wiser than me told me something I’ll never forget: “timing is everything.”  Statistically speaking, 30% of all coffee consumed is done in between meals.  The end result is that glucose will not be used and will be stored as fat.

As you are sitting there asking “How do I drink coffee and lose weight?” Are you saying, “I have to give up my coffee?”

You bet your last dollar this is possible!  The solution is the variety of coffee you drink.  There is an incomparable, 100% organic, fair traded jamocha (that tastes heavenly), that contains an “edible computer chip”, otherwise known as buffered caffeine (which does not stimulate the fight or flight response), created by the company Boresha.  It has been clinically proven (over 25 years of review and 25,000 in vivo tests) to burn fat!

Well what if I don’t like regular coffee?  Well have no fear!  For all those latte coffee drinkers out there, Boresha has just developed a Skinny Latte that is also thermogenic (helps you with burning belly fat)!  Currently, their chocolate-raspberry latte has the sweetener and creamer already included (both of which are thermogenic as well!).  Sounds incredible doesn’t it?  So all we have to do is buy a burr grinder and some Boresha coffee beans, locate a source of boiling water and voila!  We are savoring a world class cup of espresso that tastes luscious and helps us fulfill the goal of “coffee effect weight loss.”

It’s not easy to lose weight. But, if you put these tips to work, you’ll find weight loss is more enjoyable and maybe even simpler.


Why Drink Coffee Black?

Cut the Cream and Sugar –

Here’s a video explaining why it’s healthier to drink your coffee black.  First – caloric reduction. This helps with weight control of course. Over one year you could avoid consuming as much as 4.7 lbs of sugar, and that’s just if you only drink one cup per day.  Creamers have a similar effect.